NATIONAL ENGINEERS WEEK: Tyler Nguyen, S&T sophomore, sees electrical engineers powering the future

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On February 24, 2023

Tyler Nguyen

Tyler Nguyen is an electrical engineering major at Missouri S&T. Photo courtesy of Tyler Nguyen.

Tyler Nguyen, a sophomore at Missouri S&T, says electrical engineers are vital when it comes to “Creating the Future,” which is the theme of National Engineers Week 2023.

“All developments will need electrical systems, so electrical engineers will always be involved with future innovations,” he says. “I find that exciting. This field is integral for the future of humankind.”

So far, Nguyen, an electrical engineering major from O’Fallon, Missouri, has wasted no time in being involved with student organizations that are looking toward the future, as he is a member of S&T’s Mars Rover Design Team.

“It just feels rewarding to create something, organize the components and see it actually work,” he says. “On the Mars Rover team, I was able to develop a gimbal board that controls the rover’s cameras, and it has been great to gain this hands-on experience.”

Nguyen says he enjoys working with circuit schematics, printed circuit board design and manufacturing. He says his classmates, design team members and professors have all been supportive of his academic pursuits and have provided him with valuable guidance.

“My favorite part about this campus is the people,” he says. “Many of the teachers here are kind and have personalities that make the whole learning experience more enjoyable.”

As for his future aspirations and ideas to “create the future,” Nguyen is ready to get to work.

“Through this field, I hope I can make a difference in the world by advancing many of the systems that require electricity,” he says. “By improving many of the electrical systems found in numerous devices, equipment and vehicles, hopefully, I can make people’s lives better by improving many of the machines that affect them every day.” 

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One thought on “NATIONAL ENGINEERS WEEK: Tyler Nguyen, S&T sophomore, sees electrical engineers powering the future”

  • larry schnurbusch says:

    Nice comments, Tyler. Good luck in the “future.” The world needs passionate young folks like you.
    Wishing you all the best. Great article.