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Ken Boyko, a former federal government scientist, leads a lab for Remote Sensing Technology in McNutt Hall. Sam O’Keefe/Missouri S&T

Ph.D. student not slowing down after 30-year career as federal government scientist

“The trouble with retirement is you never get a day off.”

Former University of Texas men’s basketball coach Abe Lemons popularized that one-liner in a long-ago interview. Missouri S&T doctoral student Ken Boyko embraces that sentiment to a degree few can hope to match.

At 65, Boyko is preparing to complete a Ph.D. in geological engineering, perhaps as soon as this fall. His research focuses on how LIDAR (light detection and ranging) scanners can be used to “see through” vegetation that might otherwise prevent detection of potential falling rock. The research could enhance safety along highways and bridges and also involved a project for the U.S. Navy, which wants to use the technology as a navigational aid for self-driving off-road vehicles.

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Missouri S&T researcher bakes asteroids to find water

243_idaA Missouri University of Science and Technology researcher is cooking up something new in the lab – baking meteorites to learn how to produce water and other easily evaporated compounds from asteroids.

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New Orleans’ levee system failure after Katrina has mistaken culprit

katrinaA Missouri University of Science and Technology professor has defined the elements that led to the flooding of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina and has established a clear sense of responsibility in the levee system’s failure.

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S&T faculty members receive UM System President’s Awards

Three members of the Missouri University of Science and Technology faculty have been chosen to receive President’s Awards, the highest honor bestowed by the University of Missouri System, for excellence among the university’s four mission areas of teaching, research, service and economic development. In all, 11 awards will be presented this year. [Read more…]

In case of emergency, UV energy may be used to treat drinking water

When a water supply is contaminated, people
are usually ordered to boil their H2O. But if Dr. Curt Elmore’s emergency
drinking water system proves reliable, people will be able to drink water that
has been treated with ultraviolet

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Rectors pledge $1 million for scholarships at UMR

Stephen W. Rector, president, CEO and co-founder of RIM Operating Inc. located in Englewood, Colo., and his wife, Susan, have pledged $1 million to the University of Missouri-Rolla.

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UMR engineering students set their sights on Bolivia

While most college students are packing up to return to campus, three University of Missouri-Rolla students are preparing for a different journey — one that will take them deep into the Andes mountains

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Donated software will help students interpret seismic data

Students in the geological sciences and engineering department at UMR are using new software to help them learn to interpret data relating to fault lines, potential oil reservoirs and other geophysical characteristics.

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Researchers, students help clean up Nebraska site

A UMR researcher and several students are helping find new ways to clean up contaminated groundwater at a former munitions site near Mead, Neb., by recycling the water through a special type of well.

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Students to build water system in Guatemala over spring break

While many college students make plans to spend spring break on the beaches of Cancun or Florida, a group of University of Missouri-Rolla students are preparing to spend their break installing a water system for a village in Guatemala.

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