Doe Run donation helps prepare S&T students for mining careers

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On December 6, 2021

Missouri S&T students will soon have access to innovative new mining equipment, thanks to a $44,000 donation from The Doe Run Company (Doe Run).  

Doe Run’s donation will fund a variety of supplies for Missouri S&T’s Experimental Mine, including:

  • A programmable computer numerical control (CNC) mill, a machine similar to a 3D printer that reverses the process by carving away materials to create an object. CNC mills are used to create parts for mining projects.
  • A welding system used to make repairs to mining equipment.
  • New, more powerful dewatering pumps to clear standing water from work zones, a common occurrence in underground mines.
  • Replacement cap lamps and chargers designed to fit on the students’ hard hats

The supplies will be especially helpful as Missouri S&T’s mine gets deeper over the next five to 10 years, which will lead to higher volumes of standing water. Students begin using the mine in their first year, when they take an Introduction to Mine Safety course, so students at all stages of their mining education will benefit from the new equipment.

“The experimental mine provides a safe place for our students to learn about mining engineering and mineral processing,” said Dr. Kwame Awuah-Offei, professor of mining engineering and interim director of mining sand explosives engineering at Missouri S&T. “New equipment like this gives them the opportunity to practice using the industry technologies they’ll actually encounter at their internships and on the job. Our partnership with Doe Run goes back many years, and we are grateful for their generous support.”

“It’s so important for mining students to understand the latest innovations and be ready to apply them in the field, because companies like Doe Run will be relying on them to help us meet the global demand for lead and other minerals,” said Brian Mangogna, Doe Run’s vice president – Mining and Milling. “We’re proud to support Missouri S&T’s efforts to prepare the next generation of mining engineering professionals, right here in our home state.”

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One thought on “Doe Run donation helps prepare S&T students for mining careers”

  • David G. Sizemore says:

    Outstanding support which will make our students even more attractive from their practical experience.