Remembering ‘Mr. Miner,’ Jerry Bayless

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On July 2, 2019

Missouri S&T associate professor of civil, architectural and environmental engineering Jerry Bayless poses with Joe Miner. Bayless has been a part of Missouri S&T since he was a first-year student in 1955. After more than 50 years on campus, he retired effective Tuesday, Feb. 28, 2017.

A memorial service for Jerry Bayless is planned for 4 p.m. Saturday, July 13, 2019, at First Presbyterian Church of Rolla and under the direction of Null & Son Funeral Home. Visitation will be 1-4 p.m. at the church. In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made to the Professor Jerry R. Bayless Scholarship at Missouri S&T.

Jerry Bayless, retired associate professor of civil engineering who died Tuesday, July 2, at age 81, taught thousands of students in a career that spanned seven decades and three different names for the same university. Known by students and alumni as “Mr. MSM,” “Mr. UMR” or “Mr. S&T,” depending on the era, or simply as “Mr. Miner” to many, he is also remembered as a dedicated professor who was the “heart and soul” of Missouri S&T.

Bayless came to Rolla in 1955 to study engineering at what was then known as the Missouri School of Mines and Metallurgy. After earning his bachelor’s degree in civil engineering in 1959, he joined the civil engineering faculty while pursuing a master’s degree in that discipline. He remained on the faculty and held various administrative positions until his retirement 58 years later in February 2017.

Along the way, he touched the lives of thousands of students.

“There’s nobody who has made such an impact on our students in our almost 150 years of civil engineering education in Rolla,” says Dr. Joel Burken, Curators’ Distinguished Professor and chair of civil, architectural and environmental engineering.

“Jerry Bayless represented the heart and soul of Missouri S&T,” adds Dr. Richard W. Wlezien, vice provost and dean of the College of Engineering and Computing (CEC). “His values and his actions were the essence of what make us a great technological university. He will be missed by all of us in the college, but his memory and his values will persist.”

“Jerry touched so many lives far beyond the university,” says Dr. John Myers, professor of civil engineering and associate dean of CEC. “His is a life that must be celebrated and always remembered. He was an individual always of high integrity and character, one who looked to solve problems, whether they be on campus or within our community. Jerry truly lived by the motto ‘service before self,’ and always put others before himself. We have lost what I would consider part of the fabric of Missouri S&T-UMR-MSM.”

When Bayless announced his retirement plans, Burken noted his impact on countless students through the years. “He has influenced many, many students, helping those who are struggling to stay in school and see it through,” Burken said. “That’s day to day, not just a special occasion. That’s who he is.”

One of those former students is Lister B. Florence of Rolla, who earned his bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from S&T in 1995 and is a member of the Missouri S&T Board of Trustees.

“Dean Jerry Bayless was a mentor to me in life and now beyond,” Florence says. “May he continue his good work in heaven.”

Bayless served as an assistant chair of engineering and assistant dean of engineering. In 1990, he became associate dean, and in 2004, the university presented him with the Chancellor Medal in recognition of his service. Bayless was named an Honorary Knight of St. Patrick in 1999, and in 2004 he was named Honorary St. Pat and parade marshal for the annual event. A member of the Academy of Civil Engineers and former treasurer of the Miner Alumni Association, he also received the Alumni Merit Award. He also was a member of Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity and served as its academic advisory for many years.

An avid sports fan, Bayless could often be found cheering the Missouri S&T Miners at various events. He was also a loyal fan of the St. Louis Cardinals.

Bayless was named to the inaugural class of Missouri S&T Alumni of Influence in 2011. Asked in an interview prior to that event how many students he’d taught in his career, he replied: “Holy smoke! A wild guess: 10,000.”

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8 thoughts on “Remembering ‘Mr. Miner,’ Jerry Bayless”

  • Bob Stevens says:

    Professor Bayless certainly left a wide swath of great impact on campus. He was a Miner blessing.


    Saddened to hear about the passing of Jerry Bayless. Professor Bayless became my adviser and mentor at the right time in my Sophomore year when I needed that extra motivation and push to see my education through. I am honored to have known him and that he was part of my education at Rolla.
    RIP and Well Done Professor Bayless!

  • Thomas M Petry says:

    Thomas Petry, class of 67 and professor emeritus of S&T: I think I remember Jerry Bayless from when I was s student, 1962-67, was pleased to have interacted with him at Chi Epsilon activities along the years, but, most of all as I became Department Chair in 1995 and continued as a professor until 2007. Jerry was always one you could count on to be supportive of students and the department. His integrity was unquestionable and his leadership, although not wanting to be at the forefront, always an example for all of us. I know that we all will miss him, but know that he is being Mr. Miner where he is. Thanks, Jerry, for all the many ways you supported our students and all of us Miners.

  • Robert Hanlon says:

    Jerry Bayless is single-handedly responsible for removing the barriers and giving me a second chance at an academic career at Rolla, five years after 19-year-old me failed spectacularly. I owe him a huge debt of gratitude; without him, I would not have the life I now enjoy. Godspeed, guardian angel.

  • Willard T. Sudduth says:

    When I had Professor Bayless, I was carrying a very heavy class load of 20 or 21 hours because with ROTC, I needed over 160 hours to graduate and I wanted to finish in four years plus a summer semester. While Professor Bayless was an excellent instructor, he was also a tough one. By mid-term I could see I was not going to make it with all my other classwork. So I decided to drop his course but I was smart enough to continue to audit it for the rest of the semester and took copious notes.

    I took that course the following semester but had a different instructor who was not quite as good. Thanks to my notes, I got though the class doing much better than I would have if I had not taken all those notes. I have Professor Jerry Bayless to thank for getting me through that class which I was able to do at the Class of ’66 Reunion.

  • Bob Phillips says:

    Jerry was a key advisor to the Student Council when I was president. He was always careful to advise on the side and it was always wise to listen to him. He was a tremendous advocate for students and for student development. I am sorry for his passing and hope his family celebrates him well.

  • Dr. Bayless was one of a handful of professors that influenced my career. But he was one of the first. As my freshman year advisor, he was the first professor that I got to know. He was always friendly and did not make you feel uncomfortable or intimidated as a young freshman. He was always there in the Civil Engineering Department and always had a smile on his face. After I graduated, I was amazed that he seemed to remember me when I ran into him, even though I was one of ‘ten thousand’ students he had taught.

    My condolences to his family and especially his daughter, whom I met when my oldest son was 18 and considering going to MS&T. Unfortunately for me, he chose a different school and did not study engineering, but alas he has a successful career going and a great family.

  • Jim H. Moore says:

    I am a Mechanical and Civil Engineer who met Jerry Bayless in approximately 1964 in the Civil Engineering program. Jerry was a fine teacher and loved what he did.

    My computer won’t print anything past the first page. I would like to have the whole article if possible.

    Jim H. Moore, ME, CE P.E. in LA, NC, MS, OH (dropped 2 Western States)
    109 Sweet Tart Lane
    Apex, North Carolina 27502