Faculty feature: Dr. Simeon Mystakidis

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On February 15, 2024

Submitted by Dr. Simeon Mystakidis for the CASE monthly newsletter:

Dr. Mystakidis. Photo submitted.

Dr. Simeon Mystakidis, an assistant professor in the Department of Physics, leads the Quantum many-body dynamics and technologies group. Previously, he served as an ITAMP (Institute for Atomic Molecular and Optical Physics) postdoctoral fellow at Harvard University, focusing on entanglement-based processes and magnetic phenomena in complex atomic systems. His research spans from quasiparticles and droplets to long-range interacting settings. Dr. Mystakidis earned his PhD with distinction (summa cum laude) from the University of Hamburg, Germany, specializing in Atomic Molecular and Optical Physics. He received the prestigious doctoral Scholarship “Hamburgisches Gesetz zur Förderung des wissenschaftlichen und künstlerischen Nachwuchses” and was honored with the Lenz-Ising Award for outstanding junior scientists. With over 90 scientific publications, Dr. Mystakidis serves as a reviewer for numerous international peer-reviewed scientific journals and acts as a topic editor for two. His research focuses on non-equilibrium quantum many-body dynamics, emphasizing correlation phenomena, nonlinear excitation processes, pattern formation, turbulent response, and applications in quantum information processing.

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