NATIONAL ENGINEERS WEEK: S&T student Baylor Dickinson has a positive reaction to university’s nuclear reactor

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On February 21, 2023

Baylor Dickinson

Baylor Dickinson, of Webb City, Missouri, is a first-year student in nuclear engineering at Missouri S&T. Photo courtesy of Baylor Dickinson.

Baylor Dickinson, a first-year student at Missouri S&T, envisions he will be “creating the future” as a nuclear engineer after he graduates.

“Creating the Future” is the theme for National Engineers Week 2023, which celebrates the difference engineers make throughout the world.

Dickinson, of Webb City, Missouri, says he has long known that Missouri S&T would be the ideal university for him to study this field.

“Everything about S&T is designed to make you successful academically and professionally,” he says. “I chose to major in nuclear engineering because I feel that it has a good opportunity to experience significant growth in the future, and I can be a part of creating a better world.”

Dickinson says he is especially interested in working more with S&T’s nuclear reactor. The university is home to a fully-operational nuclear reactor, which allows students to train and become student operators while also learning about other aspects of the field, such as reactor physics.

“So far, I have not conducted any in-depth research, but I look forward to using the reactor in my future research,” he says. “In one of my classes, we were able to change the reactor’s power levels, and I know I will eventually spend a lot of time working in this facility.”

Even though he is only in his second semester at Missouri S&T, Dickinson says he is looking toward the future and is excited for his prospects.

“Nuclear engineering is fascinating because we get to use radioactive materials to produce large amounts of energy, treat diseases and solve problems that other forms of engineering can’t do,” he says.

“I envision that my degree will help me be a part of the change that allows for more powerful, more efficient, cleaner energy that can help the world in many ways from powering homes and businesses to improving treatments for diseases.”

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