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On May 25, 2021

Gladwin Bryan Labrague with a laptop computer

Gladwin Bryan Labrague. Photo by Andrew Layton/Missouri S&T

When Gladwin Bryan Labrague was searching online for colleges as a high school student in the Philippines, he knew he wanted to find a friendly campus that offered a strong educational environment. Now a senior in chemistry, Labrague says he made the right decision.

“S&T is committed to provide its students the best quality of education and college experience that will prepare them for their future endeavors,” he says. “It also provides a friendly and welcoming environment that improves student and staff camaraderie that makes S&T a fun place as well.”

Active on campus, Labrague has a number of leadership positions in student organizations, including serving as president of both the student chapter of the American Chemical Society and the Southwinds creative arts magazine, an Opening Week mentor and a PRO leader in the new student programs office.

In addition, he has been conducting research in the chemistry department since early 2019.

“I started with the First Year Research Experience program, then I kept doing research over the summer,” he says. He continued on the same research project through the Opportunities for Undergraduate Research Experience program.

Labrague says he loves the resources the campus offers students, including scholarships, which have helped him to decrease his financial burden a lot. 

“There are lots of academic resources that can help students if they are currently feeling lost about a subject,” he says. “There are also free and accessible services for personal issues and problems.”

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