St. Louis Public Radio to assume operations of KMST

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On June 14, 2017

St. Louis Public Radio, the National Public Radio affiliate at the University of Missouri-St. Louis, will assume the operational and programming duties of Missouri University of Science and Technology’s public radio station KMST, effective July 1, 2017.

“For more than 40 years, KMST has played a significant role in the culture and social fabric of our community and the surrounding area,” says Missouri S&T interim Chancellor Christopher G. Maples. “This arrangement with St. Louis Public Radio will ensure that KMST’s loyal listeners will continue to benefit from quality public radio programming for many years to come.”

“St. Louis Public Radio is one of the best public radio stations in the country – consistently winning national accolades and new audience share,” University of Missouri–St. Louis Chancellor Tom George says. “We look forward to partnering with Missouri S&T to provide the Rolla and Phelps County area superior news-talk programming.”

KMST will now be a part of the St. Louis Public Radio network joining 90.7 KWMU and 90.3 WQUB. Under the umbrella of St. Louis Public Radio, KMST will now broadcast St. Louis Public Radio’s current program schedule. KMST listeners will continue to offer signature public radio programs such as Morning Edition, All Things Considered, 1A, The Moth Radio Hour and Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me!. In addition, they will now be able to hear other signature public radio programs such as Science Friday, The Takeaway, Fresh Air, The World and BBC World Service.

One exception to St. Louis Public Radio’s current schedule will involve the retention of the KMST program Bluegrass for a Saturday Night.

“Public radio is a vitally important asset to the many communities it serves, so it is important to us to ensure that KMST will continue serving the Rolla area,” says St. Louis Public Radio general manager Tim Eby.

As part of the change, KMST listeners will now have access to expanded statewide news coverage and regular reports from St. Louis Public Radio statehouse reporter Marshall Griffin. Additionally, St. Louis Public Radio officials pledge to continue supporting civic events and cultural programs in the Rolla area.

“Moving forward, it is our goal for St. Louis Public Radio to remain an important part of the cultural fabric of the Rolla community through various partnerships, sponsorships and long-lasting relationships,” said Eby.

KMST is a 100,000-watt non-commercial public radio station that broadcasts on 88.5 FM in Rolla and 96.3 FM in Lebanon, Missouri. KMST broadcasts are also streamed online.

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On June 14, 2017. Posted in KMST, University News

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14 thoughts on “St. Louis Public Radio to assume operations of KMST”

  • Larry says:

    what about Sunday Morning Sounds?

    • kepmehom says:

      Yes I want to know about the Sunday mornin gospel music … will it continue? And how could someone obtain all that music they had or even all the “old broadcasted programs”? Maybe they could be put onto a disk set?

  • Kathy Gallagher says:

    I am shocked and saddened by this development. What will happen to all the people who work at our station? I am a supporter of KMST and will not want that sponsorship transferred to the St. Louis station. How can I alter the arrangement? This isn’t very much notice, incidentally, for a change of this magnitude. I am also wondering what precipitated this change, if it’s a cut in UM funding or just what. Not happy.

  • Larry says:

    Good questions Kathy! Hope some answers are forthcoming!

  • Jill says:

    Another sad step in the downward spiral Rolla is in.

  • Havva Malone says:

    I want my radio with the local connection back !!!
    Rolla will not be same without them!
    Please if you are in any leadership position, do something! I will join you with whatever I can afford….

    • Paige Eissinger says:

      There is a Thank You reception for the KMST staff at the Rolla Public House today, Friday, June 23 between 5:30-8:30pm. This is your chance to show your support for the folks who have given us so much pleasure for so many years. We’ll miss them ALL terribly!

  • Tim murray says:

    What about Sunday morning sounds…will it be retained

  • David G Sizemore says:

    MO S&T should start a new student station.
    working for 2 semesters at what was KMSM-FM was a significant educational experience for
    my future career. At 25 cents per hour it may have been the best job ever!

    Sorry to hear this loss for the current staff.

  • John Kurtzeborn says:

    In my opinion, this is terrible news for mid- Missouri listeners. KMST was the epitome of high quality local Public radio programming. I stopped listening to KWMU when it became just another talk radio station and switched to KMST. Mid -Missouri already has KBIA broadcasting the same, often boring, talk. This is tremendous cultural loss for our area.

  • Shocked today to hear St. Louis Public Radio instead of KMST. I live at the lake of the Ozarks and can’t always pick up the station but it’s always been better than the Columbia station. I too will miss Sunday morning gospel and local news.

  • Fred Taylo says:

    Sad to see. Things with local control meet local needs. Things like this are meeting some other need
    But not the students

  • Morgan J Bearden says:

    Is there any additional information regarding the decision to close KMST?

    Who made the decision? When was it made? Why couldn’t the decision be made after the new Chancellor was selected and in residence?

    The university will be well served by putting out all the facts surrounding the decision and the process.

    Thank you.