Brand refresh mines the depths of Missouri S&T pride

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On January 8, 2016
More than a slogan or a tagline, "Miners Dig Deeper" defines the Missouri S&T personality while paying homage to our heritage.

More than a slogan or a tagline, “Miners Dig Deeper” defines the Missouri S&T personality while paying homage to our heritage.

Missouri University of Science and Technology is ringing in the New Year with the introduction of a refreshed brand identity to strengthen pride among all students, alumni, faculty and staff and more clearly define what it means to be a Missouri S&T Miner.

The refreshed brand identity – known as “Miners Dig Deeper” – celebrates the university’s distinctive 145-year heritage of looking beyond the surface to uncover solutions to intellectual and societal challenges.

The Miners Dig Deeper positioning statement, as described by Missouri S&T students.

More than a tagline

“Miners Dig Deeper” is more than a slogan or a tagline. And while it’s an obvious nod to the university’s founding in 1870 as the Missouri School of Mines and Metallurgy and to S&T’s athletics programs, the Miners, the phrase also defines Missouri S&T’s personality and character. It expresses the essence of what it means to be a Missouri S&T Miner – as a current student, a graduate, or a faculty or staff member.

The idea of “digging deeper” conveys Missouri S&T’s reputation as an institution where community members uncover new approaches to learning, research and addressing the world’s great challenges. The theme is evidenced by the university’s heritage of discovery, creativity and innovation in a broad range of academic disciplines. From groundbreaking advances in nanotechnology, historical research, sustainable materials and cyber security to academic programs like technical communication, explosives engineering, and business information and technology, the S&T community expresses its distinctive character.

A redesigned website is one of the elements of the Miners Dig Deeper brand identity.

A redesigned website is one of the elements of the Miners Dig Deeper brand identity.

As outlined in the university’s brand positioning statement, “digging deeper” means that S&T students, alumni, faculty and staff:

  • Look at the world differently by peering beyond the surface of issues and finding the connections that occur when multiple points of view are brought together. This is what happened when Missouri S&T invented the discipline of engineering management 50 years ago, when faculty and administrators combined business and management programs with engineering.
  • Combine different ways of thinking by bringing together creativity and analysis, vision and pragmatism, and unexpected combinations to uncover new approaches to issues old and new. The design and construction of one of the nation’s most comprehensive geothermal energy systems, completed in 2014, is one example of how Missouri S&T combines visionary and pragmatic elements to address the big issue of energy efficiency.
  • Aspire to do more, build more and become more by going beyond the obvious or expected to discover and create new ideas. One example of this approach is the university’s new requirement that every undergraduate student take part in at least one significant experiential learning activity – from study abroad to service learning, internship or co-op experience, participation on a student design team, or other activity.
  • Are defined by a distinctive character embodied by an innovative, inquisitive and resourceful mindset. From 3-D printing of parts for the Mars Rover Design Team’s vehicle to printing with light at the nanoscale level, Missouri S&T students and researchers explore and create the unexpected.

A research-based brand

The road to this refreshed brand identity began nearly 18 months ago with extensive market research – the first since the university’s 2008 name change from the University of Missouri-Rolla to Missouri S&T. Through surveys, focus groups and forums, the university uncovered new insights from potential and current students, alumni, faculty and staff, and other university customers such as employers, donors and research partners.

The research findings confirmed that S&T is recognized for academic excellence, respected for innovation and highly regarded for offering a strong return on investment to all of its customers – from students to research partners, employers and donors. The findings also demonstrated that Missouri S&T’s reputation is strong among prospective undergraduate students, alumni and employers but has room to grow with prospective graduate students and among the research and academic communities.

The market research also formed the basis of a “brand essence” – an elevator pitch of sorts – that is the foundation of future marketing communications about S&T: “Missouri S&T builds upon a heritage of discovery, creativity and innovation across all academic and research disciplines so that our community is inspired and ready to pursue and solve the world’s great challenges.”

The preliminary launch of the Miners Dig Deeper concept is under way with a redesigned university website, a new look for some marketing materials, and an online brand toolkit of resources for campus communicators. The brand identity will be expanded to other materials in the coming months.

Look for updates on the brand identity on social media with the hashtag #MinersDigDeeper.

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  • Mary Reidmeyer says:

    How many people remember the lyrics to David Allen Coe’s song from 1978 “Divers Do It Deeper”? If not, you should look it up.

  • Nick Tibbs says:

    I like it. It applies across the board to our culture, the faculty, and most importantly, the individual student.