Arcade-style ‘snake invasion’ brings campus tradition online

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On March 2, 2015
A screenshot of the game St. Pat's Snake Invasion (click or tap image to play)

A screenshot of the game St. Pat’s Snake Invasion (click or tap image to play)

Every March, students at Missouri University of Science and Technology wield wooden walking sticks called shillelaghs to rid the campus of rubber snakes in honor of how, according to legend, St. Patrick drove the snakes from Ireland centuries ago. This year students, alumni and other visitors to the university’s website will be able to join in on the fun.

St. Pat’s Snake Invasion,” an arcade-style video game, is now accessible from the Missouri S&T website throughout the month of March. To access the game, go to

In the game, players control a virtual St. Patrick who must fend off snakes with his staff. Players can also share their scores with friends and contacts on social media.

The game is connected with a 107-year-old campus tradition. In 1908, a group of students declared that St. Patrick was the patron saint of engineers. St. Pat’s has since grown to encompass a full week of events and traditions that begin in early March.

One such tradition is the Snake Invasion, where students club plastic snakes with shillelaghs.

With “St. Pat’s Snake Invasion,” players can bash up to 107 snakes – one each year the annual celebration has occurred on the S&T campus.

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