UMR students to show legislators why research matters

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On March 15, 2006

Selected students from the University of Missouri-Rolla will participate in Undergraduate Research Day at the Capitol, an annual event, on April 4 in Jefferson City, Mo. 

The purpose of the event is to show state lawmakers how University of Missouri undergraduates are participating in meaningful research with faculty. 

Students from all four UM campuses will display research posters in the Capitol rotunda. Additionally, the participating students will have opportunities to let legislators know how their research addresses the needs of society. 

UMR students will show legislators how to use nanoparticles to make drug delivery more efficient, how to secure the nation’s powers systems, how to detect floods at low-water bridges with automated systems, how lead mining impacts frog populations and more. 

Marshall McDaniel is working on the amphibian research, a group project involving the study of frog embryos. “After 96 hours the bones have started to form, and we are able to tell by the way the tails curve and other bone structures whether any malformations are occurring,” says McDaniel, a junior in biological sciences.

In addition to demonstrating the benefits of hands-on learning, Undergraduate Research Day organizers hope the event will provide leadership development, improve collaborative problem solving and promote professional development.        

The following research topics will be presented by UMR students participating as individuals or in groups at Undergraduate Research Day at the Capitol:         

–The impact of mine drainage on frog populations: McDaniel, a junior in biological sciences from St. James, Mo.; John Campbell, a senior in biological sciences from Vienna, Mo.; Jessica Mueller, a junior in biological sciences from Rolla; Morgan Schiermeier, a sophomore in biological sciences from Vienna; Jenna Tune, a junior in biological sciences from Rolla.                 

– Automatic monitoring and flood detection for low-water bridges: John Koch, a junior in computer engineering from Webb City, Mo.; William Stallard, a senior in computer engineering from Gower, Mo.         

– Devonite: A geological treasure of Missouri: Amy Boulch, a senior in geology from Viburnum, Mo.         

– Glass coatings for use in orthopedic implants: Trini King, a graduate student in biological sciences from Rolla.         

– Nanoparticles for enhanced delivery of pharmaceuticals: Emily Bahram-ahi, a senior in chemical engineering from Fenton, Mo.; Megan Partridge, a junior in chemical engineering from Branson West, Mo.        

– Securing the nation’s power systems: Michelle Swenty, a senior in computer science and mathematics from Rolla.           

– Similarities between geological formations on Earth and Mars: Katherine Downs, a senior in geology from Rolla.         

– Turning plants into paint: Kyle Anderson, a graduate student in chemistry from California, Mo.; Travis McDowell, a senior in chemistry from Fredericktown, Mo.         

– Use of “smart” material to make walls more earthquake-proof: Kerrie Barnes, a senior in civil engineering from Joplin, Mo.             

More information about Undergraduate Research Day is available at or by calling the UMR Office of Undergraduate and Graduate Studies at (573) 341-7276.

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On March 15, 2006. Posted in News