Wow. Doge takes over S&T website

Doge took over the campus website on Tuesday, April 1.

Doge took over the campus website on Tuesday, April 1.


Much April.

So Fools’.

Very Doge.

An Internet-famous Shiba Inu dog, known for its raised eyebrows and captioned internal monologues, took over the Missouri University of Science and Technology website today (Tuesday, April 1, 2014).

The animal, known online as Doge (pronounced dowj), has gained popularity as an Internet meme in recent months. The Shiba Inu is even popular on Twitter now, as @DogeTheDog.

Sydney, the Schrader family pet, was somewhat impressed with Doge's antics.

Sydney, the Schrader family pet, was somewhat impressed with Doge’s antics.

When asked how this Internet meme infiltrated the Missouri S&T website, Chancellor Cheryl B. Schrader deferred to the Schrader family pet, Sydney, who remarked:


“So web.

“Such awesome.”

Editor’s note: We’ve collected several of the online conversation about this takeover in this Storify presentation.



  1. Julie Glenn says:

    This is so funny!!!!! I got pranked by my school! It took me a second to realize what was going on!!!

  2. Mariesa Crow says:

    Wow. Much Funny. So Laugh.

  3. Keith R. Phelps says:

    Loved it!

  4. Sara Lewis says:

    This is so awesome!

  5. cris otterson says:

    So I thought Maybe Missouri University of Science and Technology was announcing that you could pay for school with Dogecoin… the interent cryptocurrency that uses doge as a mascot.

  6. Jared Buretta says:

    This is the best thing I have seen! This is why I’m proud to be an alumnus!!!

  7. I am very wondered.

  8. Too funny! Thanks for a FUN April Fool’s joke!!!

  9. Ya’ll did a pretty good job with the Doge. I was not expecting to see that on the homepage! Nice!

  10. I wish I could pay my tuition with dogecoin.

  11. Love!!!!

  12. This is why I am going here

  13. I am in communications at another institution. I am much jealous of your many awesome!

  14. And some of us who never even heard of MST before have now because it’s making it’s way around the Internet.

  15. Much brilliant. Many posted.

  16. so fool. very april.

  17. wow

  18. This is beyond awesome! I knew about your university, but now I know that you “get it”…

  19. James Pickrell says:

    Haha! Wow. So Rolla. Very much my alma mater.

  20. Knux Kitsune says:

    Oops! They pictured an Nvidia Geforce GTX 780, which isn’t that great for mining. ATI R9 280X or 290 would’ve been much better.

  21. Wow
    many droll
    such funny
    so great students

  22. geneviéve says:

    i found your site through tumblr. gods bless the interwebs. much entertain.

  23. And applications are up 40% over last year! Good Dog!

  24. Heidi@UniversityofMontana says:

    Just the best April Fools site EVER!!!!

  25. I love this school!

  26. That is not how you pronounce doge.

  27. Oh look at that, another version of this forced meme from last year.
    It isn’t funny, and hasn’t been for some time.
    But of course, everyone thinks its the pinnacle of humor.

    • Oh look at that, another wet blanket.

      Congratulations, you took the unique action of telling everyone you don’t like something on the internet. Way to blaze a trail for all the web folk who didn’t know you could anonymously bash something you kind of don’t like. You are an inspiration, and that’s why I posted this comment.

  28. Right up there with Write Only Memory!