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S&T grad to blog from space

Posted by on November 10, 2008

NASA astronaut Sandra Magnus, a Missouri University of Science and Technology graduate, is scheduled to launch into orbit aboard Space Shuttle Endeavour on Nov. 14. The space shuttle will drop Magnus off at the International Space Station for a four-month stay, during which time she will be contributing to a Missouri S&T blog aimed at getting more kids interested in science.

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S&T students are becoming real rocket scientists

Posted by on September 25, 2008

Two years ago, a group of students from Missouri University of Science and Technology were involved in an informal rocketry challenge with some would-be rocket scientists from Iowa State University. The Iowa State program didn’t get off the ground that year, but the Missouri S&T students built a 12-foot-tall rocket that reached speeds approaching 1,000 mph and a height of 19,000 feet.

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