Celebrating Earth Day with research showcase, poetry

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On April 23, 2024

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Research and poetry may not be the first topics you associate with Earth Day, but members of the Missouri S&T community blended scientific research and literary arts for a touching tribute to our planet on April 22.

Two student organizations hosted a research showcase named “Empowering Earth: Researching Pathways to a Greener Tomorrow.” This was followed by a “Poe-Tree” event featuring poetry with Earth Day themes.

Missouri S&T’s Muslim Students Association and Bangladeshi Student Association organized the research showcase, highlighting research focused on environmental stewardship and building a sustainable future. 

Researchers gave presentations that highlighted how their efforts align with the ethos of Earth Day, emphasizing the collective impact of research in shaping a greener tomorrow for generations to come. As one example, Abdullah Al Moinee, a Ph.D. student in chemical engineering, presented how electrification potentially paves greener pathways for adsorptive separation processes.

Researchers then participated in the Poe-Tree event, hosted by Dr. Agnes Vojta, teaching professor of physics, at the Curtis Laws Wilson Library. Participants celebrated National Poetry Month and Earth Day by sharing poetry with Earth Day themes. Poems reflected on the interconnectedness of earth, environment and energy.

Rupack Ranjan Halder, a Ph.D. student in chemical engineering and a member of S&T’s Bangladeshi Student Association presented library representatives Colby Rhine and Lynn Erhart with a plant as a symbolic gesture.

“The plant, adorned with the flag of Bangladesh, serves as a reminder of the promise of Earth Day and the ongoing commitment to nurturing and protecting our planet,” Halder said.

Erhart, a library information specialist, thanked Halder and promised to take care of the plant, symbolizing the library team’s dedication to the sustainable values of Earth Day.

“In the footsteps of nature within the earth, we find the path to a brighter tomorrow within the heart,” says Al Moinee.

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