Bohner to lead international mathematical society

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On August 28, 2013

Dr. Martin Bohner, professor of mathematics and statistics at Missouri University of Science and Technology, was named president of the International Society of Difference Equations (ISDE).

Bohner’s two-year term as president began with the Progress on Difference Equations, the society’s second annual conference series, held in Bialystok, Poland. He is the organization’s fourth president.

The ISDE promotes difference equations and discrete dynamical systems, defined broadly as one of the fundamental subjects in mathematics. It promotes discrete models as models of premiere mathematical importance in the natural sciences, engineering, economics, among other disciplines. More information is available online at

A native of Germany, Bohner is an internationally recognized leader in the field of time scales calculus. His book, “Dynamic Equations on Time Scales: An Introduction with Application,” co-authored with Dr. Allan Peterson from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, is the main textbook on the subject of time scales.

Bohner earned a bachelor’s degree in economathematics at the University of Ulm in Germany in 1989, a master’s degree in applied mathematics from San Diego State University in 1992, a master’s degree in economathematics from the University of Ulm in 1993 and a Ph.D. in natural sciences from the University of Ulm in 1995.

Also in 1995, Bohner joined the Institute of Statistics at Hohenheim University in Stuttgart, Germany. He received an Alexander von Humboldt fellowship from the German government in 1997 and spent a year at the National University of Singapore. Bohner joined Missouri S&T in 1998. He is the author of five books and more than 170 journal articles.

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