Mock party to educate students and guide law enforcement

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On February 5, 2009

A mock party will be held in September at Missouri S&T to educate students about responsibly hosting a party. Local law enforcement officials will be trained in safe party dispersal next month and will participate in the Safe Party in September.

The Safe Party will be hosted by the Wellness and Alcohol Prevention Coalition at Missouri S&T, in conjunction with the University Police, the Rolla Police Department and the Phelps County Sheriff’s Department.

“The Safe Party is intended to educate students about their responsibilities when hosting a party,” says Renee Getz, health and wellness educator at S&T. “They are liable for their party guests and need to be aware of the problems that can result from alcohol use and underage drinking.”

Among the participants, more than 50 S&T students will role-play various scenarios that may occur when police are called in response to complaints regarding parties. The scenarios that may be role-played include minor issues such as threatening behavior, to serious issues such as injury or death from alcohol poisoning and alcohol-related car crashes, violence and property damage, and sexual assaults.

Officers will demonstrate how to use minimal resources to the greatest effect when faced with dozens of young people, many of whom could be drinking alcohol, at a party.

“This simulated real-world experience will allow students to process ways to deal with and respond to events in a controlled setting,” says Getz. “These are some of the issues that may occur in their lives.”

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On February 5, 2009. Posted in News