KMST hopes to raise $60K during fall membership drive

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On October 3, 2007

Public radio station KMST at the University of Missouri-Rolla begins its
Fall Membership Drive at 7 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 6, with its popular bluegrass
program, “Bluegrass for a Saturday Night.” The drive runs through the following
Sunday, Oct. 14.

The goal for this fall’s membership drive is $60,000. “The station has set a
goal of 10 new members for each day of the drive,” adds KMST General Manager
Jim Sigler. “KMST’s ability to increase membership is critical to its continued
success and ability to deliver the best quality public radio possible. Since we
enjoy life in a sparsely populated part of the country, it is all the more
important that every KMST listener becomes a member.” KMST currently has
approximately 900 households as members.

“Dollars that come from listeners and area business underwriters comprise
the largest component of support for KMST programming and operations,” Sigler
explains. “KMST’s program schedule is a work in progress that mirrors the
diverse preferences of KMST listeners. Every dollar pledged to the station goes
to making KMST more responsive to the needs of its members and the

During the KMST drive, pledges may be made by calling 573-341-4386 in the
Rolla area, or toll-free at 888-776-5678. Listeners also may pledge online at
KMST’s website, . Premiums will
be available for various levels of pledging.

KMST is a 100,000-watt non-commercial public radio station that relies on
strong listener financial support to cover the cost of its programming and
operations. Licensed to the Curators of the University of Missouri, KMST offers
a mixed format of news from National Public Radio, nationally and locally
produced talk shows, and a wide range of music, including classical, jazz,
acoustic folk, blues, big band, Celtic, bluegrass and Caribbean. KMST is
located at 88.5 FM in the Rolla area and 96.3 FM in Lebanon and online at .

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On October 3, 2007. Posted in Events