Restructuring plan to take effect July 1

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On June 27, 2007

The University of Missouri-Rolla is moving forward with an administrative restructuring plan that will enhance direct interaction between departments and the provost’s office.

Effective July 1, UMR is eliminating the School of Engineering, the School of Management and Information Systems, the School of Materials, Energy and Earth Resources and the College of Arts and Sciences. However, no academic programs are being eliminated. Staff currently employed in the deans’ offices are being relocated to other positions on campus

UMR Chancellor John F. Carney III proposed the plan during a “State of the University” address last year. Under the new structure, department chairs will take on additional administrative responsibilities and will report directly to UMR Provost Warren K. Wray.

The idea, according to Wray, is to streamline the organizational structure on campus and encourage more interdisciplinary activities between departments.

“By flattening our organizational structure, UMR is taking a bold step toward what we believe will be a leaner, more flexible administration that will be more responsive to the changes in higher education that are occurring at lightning speed,” Wray says.

In anticipation of the reorganization, several preliminary actions were taken in June. The office of vice provost for undergraduate and graduate studies was eliminated. But, in order to facilitate interaction between the department chairs and the provost’s office, three new offices have been established. Dr. Robert Schwartz, professor of ceramic engineering, is UMR’s first vice provost for academic affairs. Dr. Venkata Allada, professor of engineering management, is UMR’s first vice provost for graduate studies. Dr. Harvest Collier, formerly vice provost for undergraduate and graduate studies, is focusing his efforts as UMR’s new vice provost for undergraduate studies.

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On June 27, 2007. Posted in News