UMR Stonehenge one of filmmaker Kevin Smith’s "Roadside Attractions"

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On June 9, 2003

UMR Stonehenge was the subject of a recent "Roadside Attractions" feature on NBC’s The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Filmmaker Kevin Smith (back row, center) with UMR public relations and publications staff at UMR’s Millennium Arch site.

Filmmaker Kevin Smith ("Clerks," "Mall Rats," "Chasing Amy, "Dogma," "Jersey Girl," etc.) stopped in Rolla in late April 2003 to film Stonehenge and interview UMR Curators’ Professor David Summers, who helped create the half-scale replica of the ancient megalith. The show then aired on May 16, 2003, with

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On June 9, 2003. Posted in News