UMR Reactor to serve as showcase for new biometric security devices

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On September 8, 2004

The University of Missouri-Rolla Nuclear Reactor is now equipped with the latest fingerprint sensor technology, thanks to a partnership between UMR and BioMetAccess of Springfield, Mo.

A staff member demonstrates the new fingerprint sensor at the UMR Reactor.

The company worked with Dr. Akira Tokuhiro, director of the UMR Reactor, to define and install a biometric access control system and a multi-camera imaging system to allow authorized personnel to monitor access to the reactor facility.

Biometric products use a scientific measurement of a physical characteristic such as a fingerprint or facial image that can be used to recognize a person’s identity. One of the devices installed at the UMR Reactor features a fingerprint identification scan for added security protection.

One of the newest devices installed will provide access control and time attendance system, using the latest fingerprint sensor technology. Additional stand-alone door access units have also been installed.

BioMetAccess also installed several cameras in strategic locations to monitor access to the reactor from several locations. With this system, authorized personnel can remotely monitor the facility.

Tokuhiro hopes this collaboration between BioMetAccess and the UMR Reactor will lead to an increased use of biometric devices on campus as well as an expanded research area at UMR.

"We’d like to use the reactor facility as a platform to test these biometric devices that are continuously being improved," Tokuhiro says. "We’re starting with the reactor, but this technology can be expanded for use across campus and really make UMR a showcase for biometrics, not only in the application and usage of these devices, but also on the research end to come up with new products and methodologies.

This partnership was established through the UMR Center for Entrepreneurship and Outreach to bring engineering ideas into the marketplace and to help match Missouri businesses with the research expertise available at UMR.

"Our mission is to reach out to both small business and the UMR faculty," says John Parfet, CEO technology business development director. "This partnership provides a pathway to help Dr. Tokuhiro biometrically protect the UMR Reactor, and to provide BioMetAccess with a showcase for their biometric capabilities."

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On September 8, 2004. Posted in News