UMR’s Hydrogen Fueling Station Team participates in the first University Student Hydrogen Design Contest

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On April 20, 2004

UMR’s Hydrogen Fueling Station Team will participate in the first University Student Hydrogen Design Contest: Hydrogen Fueling Station during the 15th Annual U.S. Hydrogen Conference and Hydrogen Expo USA on April 26-30 at the Hollywood Renaissance Hotel in Los Angeles, Calif.

UMR’s team is one of more than 20 teams from universities throughout the United States and Canada to submit designs for a hydrogen fueling station. The winners of this competition will be announced during the conference. Each design was required to include necessary safety, economic and environmental analyses; as well as a feasible marketing and education campaign. Each team’s design must use current technology so that the station could, in theory, open by March 2006.

The National Hydrogen Association says students today are "the future of the new hydrogen industry and are critical to achieving the vision of a hydrogen economy." The NHA and U.S. Department of Energy — competition sponsors — are looking for innovative and imaginative designs for next-generation hydrogen fueling stations while involving students in the progress of hydrogen and fuel cell technology.

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger will speak at the conference, along with the U.S. Secretary of Energy Spencer Abraham. Schwarzenegger is a strong supporter of hydrogen fueling stations, having pledged to build hydrogen fueling stations every 20 miles along major highways in California by 2010. With gasoline prices increasing in recent months across the nation, hydrogen has become a cheaper, more efficient alternative, says Dr. John Sheffield, professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering at UMR and team co-advisor.

The team members are selling Papa John’s pizza cards to help fund their trip to the conference. The cost of each card is $10. This is good for a pizza at Papa John’s, plus another pizza at half price, and two pizzas and soda for $12. To purchase a pizza card or make a contribution to the team, contact Travis Hartman at (417) 718-1299 or email him at .

Other co-advisors for the team include Dr. Stuart Bauer, assistant professor of civil, architectural and environmental engineering, and Dr. David Enke, assistant professor of engineering management.

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