UMR and ECC create model programs for management, information systems

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On July 29, 2003

UMR and East Central College have established "model programs" between the two institutions that will help students interested in completing degrees offered by the UMR School of Management and Information Systems.

UMR Chancellor Gary Thomas and East Central College President Karen Herzog sign the agreement for a model program during ceremonies on the ECC campus.

A model program is an outline of the first four semesters required for the UMR degree, along with the equivalent courses a student could take at East Central in preparation for finishing the degree after transferring to UMR.

Under the newly approved model programs, students may complete course work at East Central College which will lead to a bachelor of science degree in information science and technology or in business and management systems, giving ECC/UMR students an opportunity to combine interests in business and computer technology as they earn a highly marketable degree from UMR.

The model program makes the transfer process work very smoothly for students and removes the "guess work" from selecting appropriate courses at the community college.

UMR and ECC have had engineering and computer science model programs in place for many years. Many students have successfully transferred to UMR to finish their degrees after beginning their educations at East Central College in the pre-engineering program.

The model programs are part of an overall articulation agreement between UMR and ECC. The articulation agreement is a signed document that represents the two schools’ commitment to establishing and maintaining transfer processes and model programs that protect and assist transfer students.

ECC and UMR also have a dual admissions program that ensures that East Central students who complete specific academic requirements will enroll at UMR as juniors with no need to complete further admissions paperwork. In addition, dually admitted students have access to the UMR library and other academic resources.

"The expansion of the UMR/ECC agreement is further indication of the success of past agreements and the ability of our institutions to provide opportunities to the youth of the region and state," said Dr. Gary Thomas, UMR chancellor. "Our first agreement was the first of its kind in the state. It helped to encourage similar relationships elsewhere in the state, and our new agreement should do likewise."

Dr. Karen Herzog, president of East Central College, said the model programs are designed with the goal of helping students.

"Students interested in this pathway to the new degree programs at UMR will be able to plan their courses with certainty that they will be accepted upon transfer. That means they don’t have to waste time and they don’t have to waste money," Herzog said. "The partnership between the University of Missouri-Rolla and East Central College is so strong because both institutions are committed to serving students and helping them achieve their academic goals. The model programs are just the newest examples of that commitment."

The School of Management and Information Systems (SMIS), UMR’s newest school, was established in the fall of 2001 to meet the growing demand in industry for people with training in both management and information technology.

The school offers undergraduate and graduate programs in business administration, economics and finance, information science and technology, and management information systems.

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