13 important research stories of 2013

Robotic brains. Glass that can heal bones. A urine test to detect breast cancer. New insights into how Internet use could indicate depression. These were among the most notable advances in research made by Missouri S&T professors and their students in 2013. Here are 13 that were publicized during the year, but are well worth talking about again. [Read more…]

College students’ heavy Internet use shares symptoms of addiction

Young adults who are heavy users of the Internet may also exhibit signs of addiction, say researchers at Missouri University of Science and Technology, Duke University Medical Center and the Duke Institute of Brain Sciences in a new study that compares Internet usage with measures of addiction. [Read more…]

Weblog shares info about potential name change

The University of Missouri-Rolla recently launched a new weblog to provide more information about a proposed name change for the university and to provide students, alumni and others an opportunity to discuss the proposal.

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Ph.D. student’s virtual bookshelf helps organize personal libraries

Internet users wanting to keep track of their book and CD collections, create a wish list for next Christmas, or find the best deals for purchasing games, music and movies online may want to check out GuruLib.com, an online organizational tool developed by UMR Ph.D. student Rana Basheer.

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A MySpace for the mobile generation

UMR student-entrepreneur Benjamin Roodman is going mobile with the launch of a social networking service that integrates the Internet with cellular telephone technology.

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UMR receives ‘CIO 100’ award from UMR receives ‘CIO 100’ award from CIO magazine

The University of Missouri-Rolla has received CIO magazine’s “CIO 100" award for 2006 for its efforts to create a unified web presence based on reusable content and a single content-management platform.

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Internet addiction subject of new book by UMR’s Andrew Careaga

Andrew Careaga, UMR manager of public relations and adjunct instructor of English, recently released his third book examining the spiritual side of Internet culture: Hooked on the Net: How to Say "Goodnight" When the Party Never Ends.

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