S&T researchers suggest ants need work-life balance to survive

fire_ants02As humans, we constantly strive for a good work-life balance. New findings by researchers at Missouri S&T suggest that ants, long perceived as the workaholics of the insect world, do the same.

In fact, according to these researchers, it is imperative that some ants rest while others work to conserve food, energy and resources for the colony. And the larger the colony, the more important this work-rest balance becomes. [Read more…]

Yin receives NSF CAREER Award

Zhaozheng Yin     Sam O'Keefe/Missouri S&TDr. Zhaozheng Yin, an assistant professor of computer science at Missouri University of Science and Technology, recently received the National Science Foundation’s most prestigious award for young faculty members for his research into developing algorithms and systems for processing microscopy images of biological specimens.

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