Fueling space flight

Postdoctoral fellow Steven Berg is pictured in the Aerospace Plasma Laboratory. The S&T alumnus oversees a team of graduate student researchers seeking to advance multi-mode spacecraft propulsion. Such a system would allow small satellites to change course on the fly and react to unforeseen circumstances, from shifting weather patterns to unexpected military maneuvers. Photo by Sam O’Keefe.

Postdoc returns to Rolla after industry stint to launch spacecraft propulsion company

It started with a boyhood dream of becoming an astronaut fueled from watching the 1995 Hollywood portrayal of the ill-fated Apollo 13 lunar mission.

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Wound care technology invented at S&T hits marketplace

A technician works in the lab at Mo-Sci Corporation in Rolla. Sam O’Keefe/Missouri S&T

A glass-based wound care product that emerged from research by a doctoral student at Missouri University of Science and Technology has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for human use and is now available on the commercial market.

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A closer look at 2015

Despite knowing when and where I’m going to be photographing at Missouri S&T, I still don’t always know exactly what I’m about to see. Research and planning can play a big part in executing a portrait, but capturing the unanticipated and authentic moments of a photo shoot are what truly make it special. Photographing Missouri S&T during 2015 continued to intrigue, inspire and challenge me as I embedded myself further into the Miner community.



Water fascinates me to photograph because it’s a shape shifter. Its ability to transform around objects, such as a swimmer’s head emerging for air, always makes me excited to see how it may enhance an already exciting scene.

70mm, 1/1250s, f/2.8, ISO 3200

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New way to store solar energy could lead to more common solar cell usage

A working cell from Switzer's research, with gas evolution. Photo by Sam O'Keefe, Missouri S&T.

A working cell from Switzer’s research, with gas evolution. Photo by Sam O’Keefe, Missouri S&T.

Researchers at Missouri University of Science and Technology have developed a relatively inexpensive and simple way to split water into hydrogen and oxygen through a new electrodeposition method. The method produces highly efficient solar cells that can gather solar energy for use as fuel.

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S&T College of Arts, Sciences, and Business to host open house

The College of Arts, Sciences, and Business at Missouri University of Science and Technology is hosting an open house for prospective students and their families.

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