Archives for April 24, 2017

AI and e-commerce: a perfect storm for retail jobs

If you work in retail sales, it might be time to explore a new career, according to a Missouri S&T researcher.

Dr. Keng Siau, chair and professor of business and information technology, writes in a new research paper that the problem for retail salespeople is two-fold. [Read more…]

S&T physicist improves particle interaction modeling

The cover of Dr. Jentschura’s new book on electrodynamics.

Quantum electrodynamics is a lot like baking a cake, and then trying to take apart the individual ingredients. At least, that is what physicist Dr. Ulrich Jentschura equates to the process of creating an equation that can couple particles’ and antiparticles’ predicted masses at the same time.

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CE Academy inducts seven new members

Seven professionals with ties to Missouri University of Science and Technology were inducted into the Missouri S&T Academy of Civil Engineers at a dinner and induction ceremony held on Friday, April 21 at Hasselmann Alumni House in Rolla, Missouri. [Read more…]

Missouri S&T Observatory to host double header Visitors’ Night this month

The public is invited to view Messier 13 and Messier 57 through Missouri University of Science and Technology’s telescope on Thursday, April 27.

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