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From shop class to the boardroom



World’s first engineering management program celebrates 50th anniversary

Training engineers to manage complex organizations is now accepted practice on many college campuses as well as in the modern workplace.

Combining the worlds of technical-oriented problem solvers and bottom-line number crunchers into its own academic discipline? A half-century ago, that notion took root not in a corporate boardroom, but on the campus of what is now Missouri University of Science and Technology.

“These companies came to Rolla and said, ‘Please help us,’” says William Daughton, a professor emeritus and former chair of Missouri S&T’s department of engineering management and systems engineering. “’We take these great engineers, we make them managers and then they fail miserably.’”

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S&T State of the University Address features panel discussion

In her Oct. 4 State of the University Address at Missouri University of Science and Technology, Chancellor Cheryl B. Schrader introduced a panel of members of the S&T community who discussed ways Missouri S&T’s strategic plan, “Rising to the Challenge,” is changing their university experience.

Before introducing the panelists, Schrader highlighted many of Missouri S&T’s good news items from the past year, including the completion of S&T’s new residence hall, University Commons, the change to a tobacco-free campus, news that a graduate and a current student competed in the Olympics in August, and the hiring of 29 new faculty members this fall. [Read more…]